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Government Brennen College is a pioneer institution that promotes U.G., P.G. and Research studies in Languages, Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Commerce and Management Studies. It is affiliated to Kannur University. The courses and Curricula are introduced and revised from time to time according to the UGC directions under the guidelines of the concerned Faculties and Boards of Studies of Kannur University. The College offers Degree courses in 16 subjects and Post Graduate courses in 9 disciplines .

The selection and admission of students to various courses is purely on merit basis. The institution also ensures the statutory reservation of seats for students of socially backward communities, students from Lakshadweep, physically handicapped students and eligible athletes and players.

As part of its Academic Monitoring System, the college maintains a time-tested system of teaching, learning and evaluation, which is being revised and updated from time to time. There is a well-designed Tutorial System and transparent Internal Assessment method. All the teaching departments have distinct systems for the remedial coaching of the students who face learning difficulties. The College Computer Center offers basic computer literacy training at a nominal charge for the students admitted to various courses.

The departments of English, Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit, Economics and Physics are the approved Research Centers of Kannur University. In Philosophy department, there are two teachers recognized as Research Guides affiliated to Kannur University Central Library. Most of the P.G. courses and some U.G. courses already have Project Work in the Syllabi that ensure the research orientation of students. The Research Committee and Doctoral Council jointly publish a Research Journal namely 'Brennen Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies' containing scholarly articles on various topics. In the department of Botany two teachers have been granted research projects under U.G.C. assistance.

In addition to the co-curricular, social service programme of NCC and NSS units, various teaching departments have undertaken Extension programme that involves the participation of the staff and students in social service activities. Departments of Islamic History, Arabic and Urdu jointly organize an Extension Scheme namely 'Yatheem' for supporting orphan/destitute in the college and nearby area. Philosophy and Psychology departments have jointly launched a Counseling Center named 'Saptabhangi' that conducts regular counseling sessions not only for the students in the college but also for the primary school students and the general public in Dharmadam Panchayat. The College Blood Donors Forum has been extending remarkable service in response to the SOS received from the nearby hospitals. The English Department, under the auspices of the 'Language Clinic', plans to extend its services to the English teachers in the high schools of Thalassery by organizing an 'Accent Neutralization Course'.

Our Physical Education Department is a source of constant inspiration and leadership for a number of men and women athletes and players. The college is proud of our athletes and players who are winners in a number of items on intercollegiate national levels. Some of our athletes and players receive training under SAI in addition to the regular coaching camps conducted in the college and University.

The Central Library of the college has a well-established Book Bank facility and Reference & Reading Division. It has pioneered the digital cataloguing of Malayalam books in Kerala. The college has a Computer Center that provides short-term computer courses and Internet facility for staff and students.

The institution has well-planned systems for students support besides the regular teaching programme and courses. The well-wishers of the college have instituted a good number of endowments, and eligible students are awarded the endowment prizes and scholarships regularly. Deserving students are given financial support from the Students Aid Fund annually. Annual study tours under the supervision and guidance of teaching staff are conducted for the students in outgoing batches in all departments.

There is a Career Guidance Bureau that conducts regular courses and Career Counseling programme for students. The Women's Cell and the Grievance Redressal Cell in the College encourage free and fair expression of the views and complaints of staff and students. The organizations like Book Club, Nature Club, Tourism Club, Entrepreneurship Development Club, Adult Education Committee, Brennen Film Club and Science Forum promote the extra-curricular interests and skills of the student community.

In order to give additional advantages for the students, we have a Co-operative Store that provides study materials and stationeries at a subsidized price. The same advantage is ensured in the college canteen also. There is also a separate retiring room for women students.

Every department has its Old students Association that contributes to the development of the Alma Mater. There is also a general Alumni Association that co-ordinates beneficial projects and programme with the support of Brennen's old students in India and abroad.

The democratically elected College Union steers the Arts, Literary and Sports activities of students. The Union annually publishes the College Magazine that reflects the talents of the student community. The students' union under the guidance of the Staff Advisor ensures the participatory role of the student community. There are 2 units of National Service Scheme and separate wings of NCC for Men and Women.

The Staff Club is keen on organizing programme that encourages the spirit of cordiality and creativity among the members of teaching staff.

The College Development Committee with the District Collector, Kannur as Chairperson and the Principal secretary and Treasurer, PWD Executive Engineer, PTA Vice President, College Council Representative, Chairman of the College Union and prominent persons and well-wishers of the institution as members supports the developmental projects proposed from time to time. The Parent-Teachers Association functions effectively by providing the basic amenities for staff and students. The PTA awards proficiency prizes for outstanding students of all batches in all departments. Regular meetings of departmental PTAs and the college PTA ensure the co-operation between parents and teachers in fulfilling the goals of the institution.


Government Brennen College, which is one of the premier institutions of higher education in Kerala, developed out of the free school established in 1862 by Edward Brennen, a Master Attendant of Tellicherry Port. It was elevated to the status of a II Grade College with F.A. Classes in 1890. The institution became a I Grade College in 1947, and it was shifted to the new building at Dharmadam in 1958. Government Brennen College celebrated centenary in 1990. The then Vice President of India, His Excellency Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma inaugurated the centenary celebrations. Government Brennen College is recognized as a Center of Excellence by the Government of Kerala. The University Grants Commission had included the college in 12B and 2F Category. In 2011 January, this institution with its entire legacy and quality drive was accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council with A Grade.

Campus & Location

The Brennen College Campus is situated in Dharmadam Panchayat on a historic hillock just 5 km north of Thalassery town and 1Km. away from Kannur-Thalassery National Highway. In the approximately 16.5 Acres of land with serene and pristine natural environment, the campus houses the Academic Departments, Administrative Office, Central Library, Students' Hostels, Staff Quarters, Play Ground and other necessary units that provide the basic amenities for staff and students.

The institutional facilities in no way disturb the natural environment of the campus, as it is evident from the impressive presence of 'Santivanam' which is probably the only one conserved pristine forest patch in a college campus in Kerala. The Green House beside the new PG Block and the Medicinal Herbs Garden in front of the Administrative Block also signify the eco-friendly culture of Brennen College

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