• To commemorate the father of nation, Observance of Gandhi jayanthi on 2nd October by cleaning college premises by the N CC cadets in Uniform.
  • N C C Day celebrations are made to en grain the spirit of unity and togetherness in the minds of young cadets. Various cultural programme and are presented by the cadets and it gives a unique platform for them to unleash the latent potentials in the minds of cadets. NCC day Celebrations were held in the fourth Sunday of November. 
  • Observation of National youth day in association with JCI, Pazhassi and Sreebuddha Samaskarika yathra samithi 
  • Blood  group determination camp and blood donor’s cell formation
  • A session on cashless economy through internet Banking.
  • Cadets participated in Republic Day Parade at Kannur police ground.
  • Bhavya of II Dc Economics participated  in the Prime Minister's rally during Republic day parade at New Delhi
  • Ashraya II DC Hindi and Manu III Dc English participated in the Tal Sainik Camp held at Delhi.
  •  Carried out plastic eradication drive in the campus and the cleaned plastic waste were handed over to the shredding unit of Mattannur municipality.