College Union

The College Union Council and Union Executive are formed every year through elections which are conducted strictly in accordance with the rules stipulated by the University for the purpose from time to time. The College Union Council comprises the following offices.

The President of the Union (Principal of the college-ex-officio)

  • The Chairman
  • The Vice Chairman
  • The Secretary
  • The Joint Secretary
  • Councillor / Councillors to the University Union
  • The Secretary, Fine Arts Club
  • The Chief Student Editor of the College Magazine
  • General Captain (Sports & Games)
  • The Staff Advisor / Treasurer nominated by the President (With no voting right)
  • The Secretary of each of the various (main subject wise) College Associations.
  • One representative each of I D.C., II D.C. and III D.C. elected by the students of the respective classes and one representative elected by all the P.G. Students together.

  • The positions of Vice Chairman and Joint Secretary are reserved for women. The number of councillors shall be one in colleges having strength less than 1000 and shall be two were strength is 1000 and above. Offices 2 to 9 shall be filled by election by all the students of the college. The election procedure for all these seats shall be one and the same.

    College Union Council for the year 2019 – 20

    Sl, No. Position. Name. Class.
    1 Chairman Anupriya. T. V. IV Semester BA Malayalam
    2 Vice Chairman Fazeena. P. K. IV Semester MA Malayalam
    3 General Secretary Abhijith.K. R. VI Semester BA Political Science
    4 Joint Secretary Laya Kunhikrishnan VI Semester B. Sc. Zoology
    5 Fine Arts Secretary Anuja Unni. T. V. II Semester BA English
    6 Student Editor Karthika .K. Prabha IV Semester BA Malayalam
    7 General Captain Muhammad Javed Zakeer IV Semester BA Political Science
    8 University Union Councillor Varna. C. K. IV Semester B. Sc. Zoology
    9 University Union Councillor Arjun. T. IV Semester BA Political Science
    10 Representative, I DC Navaneeth. K. II Semester B. Sc. Chemistry
    11 Representative, II DC Muhammad Rafi IV Semester B. Sc. Physics
    12 Representative, III DC Sravan. C. R. VI Semsester B. Sc. Mathematics
    13 Representative, PG Arjun Lakshman. II Semester MA Economics