Vision & Mission

Government Brennen College, which is one of the premier institutions of higher education in Kerala, developed out of the free school established in 1862 by Edward Brennen, a Master Attendant of Tellicherry Port. It was elevated to the status of a II Grade College with F.A. Classes in 1890. The institution became a I Grade College in 1947, and it was shifted to the new building at Dharmadam in 1958. Government Brennen College celebrated centenary in 1990. The then Vice President of India, His Excellency Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma inaugurated the centenary celebrations. Government Brennen College is recognized as a Center of Excellence by the Government of Kerala. The University Grants Commission had included the college in 12B and 2F Category. In 2011 January, this institution with its entire legacy and quality drive was accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council with A Grade.

Inculcation of comprehensive environmental awareness and propagation of ecological culture in the academic community and society is one of vision priority and thrust of the institution. In order to achieve these objectives the college has organized many programmes. The college is situated in an eco friendly campus and utmost care is taken to preserve the ecological balance of the institution in the developmental programmes. As such the college master plan was prepared with a priority to the maintenance of eco friendly campus.

The institution maintains an eco friendly greenery area named ‘Shanthivanam’ ( Green Forest). This special forest acts as a tool to promote the environmental awareness among students. It is also a habitat for rich biodiversity in the area thus protecting and promoting the natural resources in the community.

The ecological culture is maintained through many environment-friendly initiatives of the institution. The institution has conducted a green-auditing in the campus and made an assessment of the overall ecological settings. On the basis of this auditing initiatives to control the use of plastic started and plastic materials such as flex boards are completely banned from the campus. During green auditing it was found that more than 10000 paper cups were used in the college for various programmes. With the support of Parents Teachers Association, the use of plastic/paper cups for serving tea during conferences and seminars was replaced with steel glasses. In order to conserve energy, the use of LED bulbs promoted. These energy saving initiatives were supplemented with replacement of desktop computers with laptops.

With the assistance of Green Club of the college and the Kudumasree initiative of the local self government, steps were taken to implement effective waste disposal mechanism. This includes development of awareness programmes in the student and teaching community about the environmental impacts of waste production.

A major initiative in the direction of promotion of ecological culture was the organization of Kerala state biodiversity conference at the College from 26-29 January 2019. The state level event was focused on the theme climate change and rebirth of biodiversity. The three day programme consisted of expert lectures, technical sessions, discussions and exhibition. The major attraction of the event was the biodiversity congress of the children. In this programme school students presented their own innovative biodiversity projects. The exhibitions introduced most of the ecofriendly initiatives in the state together with exhibition and exchange of climate resilient seeds and seedlings. The mega event was visited by more than 15000 people including school children and general public. This was an effective innovation to realise the vision of the college in the area of eco culture.

The college has established a centre for excellence for environment . The center is engaged in environmental research and also organizes program for propagating environmental awareness in the community. The centre has prepared a mega project on environmental research and development and the proposal for 95 lakh rupees is awaiting sanctions from the government.