Name : Dr. Anuradha N
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : MATHEMATICS
Email :

Qualification M. Sc, B. Ed, Ph. D
Present Position Assistant Professor
Work Experience 13 years
Total Experience in Current Service
Years (PG)
1.5 years
Years (UG) 13 years
Research/ Projects
Books/ Publications
  • Some properties of almost perfectly continuous functions in topological spaces,Anuradha N,Baby Chacko,International Mathematical Forum,Vol 10,No.3,(2015),143-156
  • Somewhat r-continuous  and somewhat r-open functions in topological spaces,Anuradha N,Baby Chacko,International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics,Vol 100,No.4,(2015),507-524
  • On minimal regular open sets and maps in topological spaces,Anuradha N,Baby Chacko,Journal of Computer and Mathematical Sciences,Vol 6,Issue 4,5 & 6(2015),182-192
  • On Supra r-open sets and Supra r-continuity, Anuradha N,Baby Chacko, Journal of Computer and Mathematical Sciences,Vol 7,Issue 7,8 & 9(2016),412-419
Papers Presented in Conferences/ Seminars
PhD / M Phil/ Projects Guided Number of UG Projects guided-8
Awards/ Honours
Positions Held
  • Resident Tutor of College Hostel
  • Scholar Support Programme Co-ordinator
  • Valuation Camp Chairman
  • Course Committee Chairman
Seminars/ Conferences Organised
Additional Responsibilities (2019-20) Member of 

1. Admission Committee

2.Student Amenities Committee

3. EDUSAT-ORICE Committee

4.Internal Complaint Committee
Other Information
  • Lecturer in Mathematics,Govt.Polytechnic College,Kannur (27/12/2006 to 24/05/2010 AN)
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics,K.M.M Govt. Womens College ,Kannur ( 24/05/2010 AN to 14/11/2012)
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics,Govt.Engineering College,Kozhikode(15/11/2012 to 02/08/2018)
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics,Govt .Brennen College, Thalassery (03/08/2018 onwards)