About Brennen College

Government Brennen College, Dharmadam, Thalassery is one of the premier institutions of higher education in the state of Kerala. With a tradition of 130 years, the college is catering to the comprehensive advancement of the various sections of the society in the region. Developed out of the Free School established in 1862 by Edward Brennen, the institution was elevated to the status of Grade II College in1890. It is now a First Grade College recognized as a Center of Excellence with the status of ‘Heritage College’.

Principal's Message

Dr. C. Baburaj

Govt. Brennen College, with its glorious legacy of over 130 years, has been the pioneering institution of Higher education in Malabar. The alumni and faculty of the college which include the present chief minister of Kerala, the minister of state for External Affairs, Njanpith awardees, etc have made stellar contributions to the political, literary, scientific, and entrepreneurial firmaments of the nation.

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