Physics Department

Government Brennen College, Thalassery, affiliated to Kannur University was accredited by NAAC at A in the year 2011. The department of Physics started functioning since the inception of the College. This is one of the oldest Departments in Govt. Brennen College. The graduate course in Physics was started in the year 1957- 58. Fifty-five batches of students have graduated from this department since then. The Post-Graduate Course in the Department was started in the academic year 1979-80. The affiliating Kannur University has recognized this department as a research centre in Physics. At this Juncture the student community in general and the teachers in this part of the state in particular look at this Department ambitiously to provide them with more contributions. The prominent professors of this department have given their contributions to this college and this dept. The few among them are Prof. Mathew, Prof.Rema, Prof.M. Madhusoodanan, Prof. K.Rathnakaran, Dr. T.Ravindranand Dr. M.K.Satheeesh Kumar. Dr. M.K Satheeesh Kumar is one of the three members from India representing International Space Research Programme(COSPAR). At present the department offers B.Sc. course. in Physics with an intake of 32 students and M.Sc. degree for 12 students. The present 9 teachers have been appointed by Director of Collegiate Education, Trivandrum and they are highly qualified and professionally challenging. The library facility in the department which is now a part of General Library is one of the best available in the locality with rare books to its credit. The computer lab, meant for high-tech learner-friendly education, is well-equipped for which a part of the assistance rendered by the alumni association. To ignite the truth searching souls and to widen their knowledge horizon the department takes all-out effort by implementing time-tested tutorial session and learner oriented curricular and cocurricular environment. The charm and warmth the heritage of campus combined with contemporary outlook and most modern educational technology including EDUSAT facilities make the department uniquely different from other competing institution in this area.