National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Government Educational Programme started in the year 1969. It is functioning under the ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports at the national level and under the Ministry of Higher Education at the State level. The major aim of National Service Scheme is the development of the personality of students through community service. We have two National Service Scheme (NSS) units comprising 100 volunteers. We undertake various social activities such as awareness programmes, cleaning public places, blood donation camps, breast cancer awareness survey, old age home visit and distributed needy things to them etc.


In recent past we have conducted many socially committed programmes. Few among them are

  • Flood relief materials to affected families,
  • Cleaning flood affected areas.
  • Distribution of food to old age home, and children’s home.
  • Conducted repair and maintenance work of road to GHSS Palayad.
  • Cleaning of Thalassery Railway station.
  • Cleaning of Dharmadam Beach.
  • Conducted breast cancer awareness survey in Dharmadam Panchayath, Thalassery.
  • Conducted flashmob in Thalassery town regarding anti-drugs campaign in connection with Excise commission.
  • Conducted a Mughamugham programme in connection with Kerala Vanitha Commission on the topic “Atrocities against women”.
  • Conducted a Blood Donation Camp.
  • Conducted Poster Display against drug use.
  • Set up Herbal garden was set at GHSS Palayad.

Programme officers:  1.  Babu P V, Assistant Professor of Commerce   2. InduP, Assistant Professor of Commerce