Hindi Department

The PG department of Hindi and Research Center of Government Brennen College of Dharmadam is one of the premier departments started in 1968. The department concentrates not only in academic activities but organizes various kinds of literal as well as cultural programs to impart and improve the feelings of National and Emotional integration of the Country. The department has research programs in various subjects related with language and literature and other inter disciplinary discourses among the various related genres of knowledge. . The department organizes Guest talks, invited lectures on various subjects related with latest developments in the Hindi language and literature. It also organizes various seminars on emerging areas of knowledge. The extension programs also create awareness in the next posterity about the significance of Hindi language and literature. The faculty members of the department extend their service as expert in the various programs conducted by Government as well as Non-Government organizations and in addition to these the department makes innovative efforts in the comparative study of literature, linguistics, translation, functional areas of knowledge etc.