Philosophy Department

The Department of Philosophy, Govt. Brennen College developed out of the Department of Logic started in 1963. Initially, the teachers of this department handled subsidiary Logic paper for B.A. History main course. In 1964, Pre-Degree Course with Logic as the main subject was introduced, and it was continued until the delinking of Pre-Degree Courses in 2000. Meanwhile, Philosophy was introduced as a main subject for B.A. course with Psychology as a subsidiary from 1978 onwards. Currently the Department offers Under Graduate Programmes, Post Graduate Programmes, and Ph.D. in Philosophy.

The department is offering courses in the upcoming areas of philosophy such as Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, and Contemporary Continental Philosophy. Courses of applied nature such as Practical Ethics, Philosophy of Values, and Yoga are also offered by the Deportment. The core areas of the UG course are Logic and Reasoning Aptitude, Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Applied Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Values and Applied Ethics. The complementary Logic paper for B.A. History Main is also taught by Philosophy teachers. M.A. programme in Philosophy was started in 2004 with the core areas of Yoga Studies, Value oriented Education, and Applied Ethics. Yoga practical training in the third semester is a part of the PG curriculum.
The department regularly organises Workshops, seminars and invited lectures in various areas of philosophy. The Department has been expanding its library resources to cope up with the demands of newly revised syllabi and the developments in the field of philosophy. The faculty strength of the department is eight, four of them with Ph.D and two with M.Phil degree. The department has a full-fledged Research Centre with two research guides.