Urdu Department

Urdu, a language both mellifluous and pragmatic, has been taught in this institution, ever since its inception. Thus, Brennen College can boast itself as the first college in Kerala, where Urdu was introduced in higher education. Moreover, it was in Brennen College, the language Urdu began to be taught as a major subject. The activities of the Urdu Department are not confined to the College premises alone. The Members of Staff and Students of the Department participate in all programs associated with Urdu at District, University and State levels. The Department has also maintained intellectual interaction with the Urdu Teachers and Associations. The Department has a good library with more than 5000 books. Right from the beginning the Department has been successful in achieving good academic results and we are quite confident that we can maintain and further improve it. Our Students bagged almost all top ranks in the University examinations. The Department provides ample academic environment to support economically and socially backward Students.

Department also have vibrant and active Alumni named ” BUL BUL” (Brennen Urdu Lovers) acting from 2014 onwards.