A well-established canteen is functioning in a separate building within the campus. It is managed by a team of women members from a Vanitha Unit of MahimaKudubasree. The Building for canteen was constructed with the financial support of MLA’S SDF – 2001-2002 of Sri KodiyeriBalakrishnan MLA. Students and staff can have food which is hygienic, nutritious and tasty at a reasonable and reduced rate. The meals include breakfast and lunch. On special occasions it will work during holidays. There is a separate dining room for the students and the staff. The current building supports seat for 42 students and 32 staff Canteen is open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. A committee Convened by Dr. Rajani, Faculty of Malayalam Department is constituted for monitoring the day to day and overall functioning of the canteen and to ensure the general discipline..