Economics Department

The Postgraduate Department of Economics & Research Centre, one of the dynamic departments of Govt. Brennen College, has completed 70 years of successful service. In its prolonged history since its establishment in 1948, it produced thousands of graduates, hundreds of postgraduates and a few Ph.D. Its beneficiaries are numerous. Many of its products are best utilized in and around the nation. Currently the Department is offering the following services in the higher education scenario. 1. UG Course in Economics: BA Economics under Choice Based Credit Semester System. 2. PG Course in Economics: MA Economics under Semester System. 3. Research Facilities: Full Time and Part Time. Admission to BA and MA courses are according to the rules and regulation of the Govt. of Kerala and the Kannur University towards which the college is affiliated. 54 students are admitted in the UG course in 2019-20 under CBCSS. 15 students are admitted in PG course in 2018-19 under Semester System. Reservation System of the government is well maintained in admission process. The Research Centre is offering its facilities according to the directions of the Kannur University. 4 Research Guides having wide research linkages to reputed research centers are guiding 12 research scholars [4 full time 8 part times]. The Research Faculty of the Department is functioning complementary to the Teaching Faculty. In addition to the Economics Faculty Members, the Department is utilizing Faculty Members of Political Science, History and Statistics Departments for handling Complementary and Subsidiary papers in UG Course and Quantitative Techniques for Mathematical Analysis and Basic Econometrics in PG Course.